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The cannabis flower itself is what most are familiar with when it comes to marijuana. The flower is harvested from an unpollinated female cannabis plant, trimmed and cured prior to packaging. The flowers secrete a resin that contains THC among other cannabinoids that is activated when heat is brought to it (such as hot air from a vaporizer or the more common flame from a lighter when smoked conventionally).


Concentrate is a blanket term for all concentrated forms of THC or CBD, derived from the cannabis flower. Concentrates include kief, hash and the various forms of oils.

Oil: Oil is a concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant and contains much higher cannabinoid concentration than just flower by itself. These concentrates are used for dabbing, vaping or adding to flower to enhance its potency.

Kief: Kief refers to the resin trichomes of cannabis. They appear to be the sugary white or gold crystals that cover the bud once dried. When removed from the plant by tumbling or grinding the dried flower, the kief can be used to enhance joints or bowls by adding it to whatever the consumer is intending to smoke.

Hash: Hash is kief compressed into a ball or puck. the condensed trichomes can be broken off in chunks and added to bud to enhance its THC content.



Edibles are products made from cannabis extract that are intended to be ingested by the consumer. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board has set a limit on THC content for edibles at 10mg per serving.  We do not suggest our customers use more than the serving size due to the 1-2 hours it takes for the edible to take effect. Those with little to no THC tolerance may want to start with half of a full serving to be sure they have a positive experience. 


Marijuana topicals can come as a balm, salve, or a cream. They are meant to be applied to the skin and provide localized relief for pain. The benefit of a topical, to many patients, is that a topical can provide pain relief without creating a sense of being high.
 In general, topicals will not get into the blood stream, which is one of the reasons you do not get high.