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In order for this industry to succeed, education is key. 420's team is committed to providing compassionate, informed service, ensuring each guest feels comfortable with their purchase. Our staff is trained in all consumption methods, plant phenotypes and beneficial aspects of marijuana beyond just the THC content. In addition to our sales team, our state certified Medical Marijuana Consultants are available every day, bringing with them an in-depth knowledge of cannabis and its medicinal use.


The unique relationships we build with our customers extends far beyond the front door. 420 has had the opportunity to participate in and promote local blanket, coat and food drives put on by philanthropic community members. For many, art and cannabis go hand in hand. One of the highlights of our stores is the massive amount of local art in various styles. We credit this to many local artists whom display their work in our shops.  In addition, 420 holds annual food drives not only for our local food bank, but also our local animal shelter. We believe that in order for the cannabis community to continue moving forward, we need to to establish meaningful relationships to break the stigma of marijuana and its consumers.


Summer of 2016 brought change as the unregulated medical shops were shut down. Recreational stores were given the opportunity to be endorsed by the state to take on medical marijuana patients.  We are proud to say that all of our locations are medically endorsed and many of our staff have been certified by the State of Washington Dept. of Health as Medical Marijuana Consultants. This requires an initial 20 hour course along with mandatory 10 hour continuing education courses which allow them to discuss the medical benefits of this amazing plant as well as issue Medical Marijuana Identification Cards to qualifying patients.


Our team is what makes 420 everything it is. From our friendly security  staff to the budtenders and managers swapping stories with their customers, our upbeat and energetic atmosphere is contagious. We are pet friendly and encourage all of our customers to bring their furry friends in to visit! We love working in a supportive, positive environment where our focus is on helping our guests have the best possible retail experience.